A Spatial Portrait

Role: Interaction Designer
Client: Leni Schwendinger Light Projects

It was my great pleasure to work with Leni Schwendinger in designing and programming the complex real-time video and graphics interactivity of this permanent public art installation for the Liberty Science Center, NJ. This three dimensional light sculpture has three different ‘modes’. It is able to respond not only to the movements of the public as they walk underneath the sculpture, and trace their pathways and intersections, but also to the presence of anyone who stands on a specific spot in the museum lobby (marked by a decal on the floor). When neither interactive mode is engaged, the light sculpture goes to a ‘quiet time’ mode.

The video shown above is from a day of user testing, several months before the official opening of the project.

Photos by Monica Ruzansky and Arch Photo Inc. (© 2009)