Autumn Leaves

For the Open Studios event at the end of my artist residency at I-Park I created an animation that was projected onto the facade of the main building. As I-Park is located deep in the Connecticut woods, and as I was lucky enough to be there during the October session of 2010, my experience there was dominated by the turning of the autumn leaves. I went to I-Park with no specific project in mind, giving myself the simple directive of responding to the natural environment. It was immediately obvious to me that I should work with leaves, because when the low sun hit the turning leaves it created just the kind of site-specific illuminations that I love. I pursued several directions while I was there, but this final projection was a playful response to the color and structure of the leaves, and I wanted to play with combining structural elements of the wooden architecture of the house with the cellular skeletal structure of the leaves, while celebrating the autumnal colours of the season. Unfortunately, the grey paint on the facade of the house meant that the colours and details of the leaves (all photographs that I took) were largely lost in the projection (I only had a 5K projector available to me), but the structural play still worked well.

The accompanying music to the video above is by the amazing Amiina.