DC Commission on the Arts

The Washington DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities approached Obscura Digital to design and produce a custom, interactive experience to allow the public to browse and explore their portfolio of site-specific public art projects.

In my role as Creative Director for Obscura, I conceived and outlined the design for the project, and then led the team through the process of realizing it.

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The Hidden Life of Bridges

“The first big success of this year’s Time-Based Art Festival… one of the most impressive truly public art projects I’ve seen in Portland… the projections were gorgeous, the words often eloquent, the sounds evocative… the project really engaged the people of Portland with some of its most important public assets” – Brett Campbell, The Willamette Week

A site specific public art installation commissioned by the City of Portland (Oregon), this project used the voices and faces of the bridge workers to tell the stories about the structures that connect the city that was once known as ‘Bridgetown’. Custom sensors were attached to the deck of the Hawthorn Bridge, to detect the vibrations caused by passing traffic, and this data was used to create a soundscape in real-time. Pre-recorded interviews with the workers were then mixed into this live, generative audio environment.  Speakers were hung above the walkway so that an audience could listen to the sound while watching projections on the neighboring Morrison Bridge.  The projections showed a sound wave that was responding in real-time to the audio heard on the Hawthorn Bridge, and as the audio peaked, the sound waves opened to reveal the faces of the speaker, as well as images of the hidden interiors of the bridges.


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The Always Season

This digital print mural was commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) for the exterior wall of the Harvey Theatre. It borders with the public plaza outside 230 Fulton St, in Fort Green, Brooklyn.

The image was digitally composed from multiple photographs and printed onto a specialty material for exterior surfaces.

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Wayne Wheeler’s Amendment Machine

I worked with Moey Inc to conceive and design a feature of the American Spirits exhibition at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The goal was to create a ‘machine’ that would tell the story of how Wayne Wheeler’s strategic actions helped bring about the Prohibition era in the USA. The look and feel of the machine was inspired by funfair or boardwalk attractions of the time.

I concepted each part of the exhibit and created a detailed animation to outline the design, after which I reviewed and approved the production process.

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