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My work encourages people to engage with environments with a renewed eye for possibility, and  to relate to their surroundings with more aliveness and awareness.

My creative practice focuses not only on site-specific integrations of digital experiences into the built environment, but also cultural experiences that invite and foster a more intimate and narrative connection with nature and mythology.

As a Creative Director I have worked with some of the companies that lead the experiential field, including ESI Design (New York), Gensler DXD (New York), Obscura (San Francisco) and Cocolab (Mexico City).

As a thought leader I have spoken at events and industry conferences such as the Chicago Ideas Festival, SXSW, LDI, RealComm, Core Tech and Ignite NYC, among others, as well as on network television.

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Whether you just want advice or whether you want to re-design it all, we are happy to help.

Creative Direction
I lead and inspire design teams, to find the right creative chemistry to produce outstanding results.
Are you looking for the big idea? I will find the right creative angle to deliver something unique, which aligns with your needs and identity.
Once you love the idea, I can lead the detail design of the experience. I believe that technology should always serve the story.
If you're looking for some inspiration, I can facilitate and lead workshops to help you discover what you really need.

We live within this reality we create, and we're quite unaware of how we create the reality.

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Past Clients

Our algorithmic video artwork, Canvas, was featured on one of our favorite blogs – Designboom.

Untapped Cities has written a good feature on the historical thinking behind the design at 85 Broad St, New York.

The work I did with ESI Design for 900 North Michigan Shops, has been given an Honorable Mention at the International Design awards. 


Please contact us if you want to talk about our work, if you have an amazing idea, a project, a problem... or to just say hello!

A green valley, the countryside, Mexico.

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